1. Daily Flail

October 21st

    Daily Flail

    October 21st

  2. a-tardis-at-downton:

    Forehead SMOOCHIES?!

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  3. timminssidsrock:

    Random Sids Apprecaiton Post of the Day - 20/10/14.

    3 for the price of one today since I’m having all the Starlings feels… Your welcome. :0)

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  4. Danny Boy!

    everyonelovesavalet timminssidsrock

  5. okfan527:

    Bates/Anna … how I love them!

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  6. im-yours-for-life:

    Anna and Bates being adorable.

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  7. Daily Flail

October 20th

    Daily Flail

    October 20th

  8. everyonelovesavalet:


    Sunday afternoon boredom cured by a trip to Terry ‘Beautiful Bastards’ Starlings local boozer. :)

    everyonelovesavalet & lizab85

    Lovely impromptu afternoon out, thoroughly enjoyed it m’homey :)

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  9. everyonelovesavalet:


    everyonelovesavalet lizab85 Random Sunday afternoon outing part 2…

    Those bears were M2B

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  10. Haven't shared my opinions on 5 yet...


    And no one probably cares what I think but…

    -Bates was always going to be upset if he believes Anna doubts him. Let’s embrace the open neck and beautiful hair.

    -Can’t see Fellowes splitting them up even given his track record.

    -I believe with such conviction Tony Gillingham is the murderer….

    I think that Tony was sacking Greene at Piccadilly as when the coppers first came they asked about the Valet and not Ex-Valet.

    Greene was all ‘you can’t sack me cause I know all your dodge dealings-blah,blah,blah’ and then evil Tony (which we saw for a split second with Mary) came out and BAM we had a Jackson Pollock all over the road.

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