1. Daily Flail

July 26th

    Daily Flail

    July 26th

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Feck Me Of The Day- 26/7/14


    Feck Me Of The Day- 26/7/14

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  3. *

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    Dancing like no one is looking

    Posting again for reason. :0)

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  5. Mr Bates playing Bulter

  6. everyonelovesavalet:

Mr Bates Series 3 Episode 8


    Mr Bates Series 3 Episode 8

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This man is brilliant.

Yet another example of why you have to love Hugh Bon. :)
( Also everyonelovesavalet he reminds me of Bim in this picture o_O )

Haha! I see it timminssidsrock
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  8. im-yours-for-life:

    "One kiss…to take with me?"

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  10. lampenfiebermusicblog:

    The sun came out exactly when Elbow were entering the main stage of this year’s Hurricane Festival in northern Germany, on a horse race track somewhere between Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover.

    Very fitting, as Elbow warmed the hearts of the crowd with their dreamy melancholic songs. But at the same time the live versions of their songs also contained a rocking edge that got the audience in the pit dancing and clapping and waving their hands.

    Lead singer Guy Garvey was constantly seeking eye contact with the most dedicated fans, thus making the festival concert on a huge stage an intimate affair still.

    A wonderful evening, a beautiful day.

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