1. Daily Flail

July 29th

    Daily Flail

    July 29th

  2. polishfansofhughbonneville:

Save the Rhino
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  3. nonstopdockery:

    Downton Rhino Doodles……


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  4. everyonelovesavalet:

 Mr Bates Series 3 Episode 3


    Mr Bates Series 3 Episode 3

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  5. iweon:

Follow the White Rabbit.


    Follow the White Rabbit.

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  6. Sit with me a while
    And let me listen to you talk about
    Your dreams and your obsessions
    I’ll be quiet and confessional

    The violets explode inside me
    When I meet your eyes
    Then I’m spinning and I’m diving
    Like a cloud of starlings

    Darling, is this love?

    Elbow - Starlings
  7. bracetheace:

    So, this is my 1000th post. 

    Jeez. That’s a lot of posts about my boringass life. 

    I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’m forever grateful to Tumblr for bringing me and some amazing people together. So, I dedicate my 1000th post to my beefs, who make all this worth it. To the beefs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting: handy-for-the-bus, a-rabbit-hearted-girl, timminssidsrock, thespikeybluelacky, and everyonelovesavalet, may we forever laugh at big blue cocks, clowns, sheep, push pops, and ourselves. 

    To the beefs I look forward to meeting (too many of you to name), we shall have epic shenanigans and make some awesome memories.

    Thanks for all the laughs, everyone. Stay cool.

    And we will party in the streets and dance to our own disco forever more

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  8. everyonelovesavalet:

    Some shiny new caps, a result of having series 2 of Starlings on iTunes. Only done 3 episodes so far, can’t wait to get to the ‘legs’ episode and the ‘wedding suit’ episode. Hubba hubba. Thanks to thespikeybluelacky for the heads up early this morning :)

    This post is for timminssidsrock who BLOODY LOVES TERRY STARLING!

    It has been a wondrous day filled with lots of Terry love and now it’s all in glorious HD and as timminssidsrock says I LOVE TERRY STARLING
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  9. fuckyeahenglishmanorhouses:

Highclere Castle


    Highclere Castle

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  10. itsthefbiandfriends:


     The Avengers: Age of Ultron Comic con 2014


    God damn it Tony.

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